Ortho-neuro rehab

It is a treatment programme which is well defined combining the benefits of Ayurveda along with physiotherapy from AsterMedcity hospital. It speed up the recovery process of ortho and neuro injuries or diseases to a normal condition as much as possible .Rehab should start soon after the debility as it speed up the recovery by mproving your mobility, tones and strengthens the muscles and enable you to return back to your work and enhance your quality of life.

Ayurveda protocol in rehab helps in reversing the disabling condition with focus on correcting the root cause .It address physical, emotional and psychological needs of patients. Each programme is customised according to patient needs and include different types of thearpies. Aster Medcity Kochi has the best physical medicine and rehab facilities which is made available to the patients for functional improvement.

We develop a programme to suit your needs.

  • Intense rehab programmes
  • Multiple sessions in a day.
  • Motivates and boost confidence in patients.
  • Expert doctors and therapists to guide you in the process.

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