Post Covid Health - Covid Restore

The battle against Covid 19 seems not to end with vaccinations, screening and treatment of the disease.Medium and long term consequences experienced by survivors is still under research and study.

The so called Post covid syndrome can be related to the residual inflammation, organ damage, effects of long hospitalization and intensive care, social isolation, aggravation of already existing condition etc.

Most common symptoms noticed in recovered patients are

Fevers, dry cough, chronic fatigue, breathing difficulties,palpitation,body pains, myocarditis, neuralgic pains, digestive upsets, skin eruptions, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression etc.
These are noticed soon after and also three to six months after the infection.

Ayurveda emphasises on correcting the inflammatory process and celular damage by means of diet, healthy lifestyle ,medicines and treatments based on the gravity of the problem.

Ayurveda aims at promotion of health and well being in the patient by correcting the internal environment of your body, improving the functional parameters like sleep, appetite, gastric functions etc which only if maintained in healthy state will lead to physical and mental well being.

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