Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) has been seen as a major childhood disability disease. It interferes with the function and development of the child and makes the child permanently dependent on a second person. Disability in children is a great challenge to the parents and also to the society. Modern medicine does not have a good cure for this disease. It is a neuro-motor disorder of cerebral origin. It is classified into four types - Spastic, Ataxic, Dyskinetic and Mixed. Of these, Spactic Cerebral Palsy is more commonly noticed. It cannot be correlated with any singular disease in Ayurveda as its symptoms are multifaceted and clinical features may also vary.

In Koumarabhruthya (Branch of Ayurveda dealing with Paediatric diseases) there is clear mention, under various contexts of diseases, regarding the symptoms of CP. Overlap of many symptoms of CP are seen in various diseases mentioned. Neurolgical, locomotor, nutritional disorders - they all form part of it. The causative factors of these symptoms are also similiar to what is mentioned in modern medicine, like nutritional deficiency in pregnancy, unhealthy sperm and ovum leading to genetic disorders, unhealthy regimen during pregnancy, etc. As the disease does not have a curative phase, any percentage of improvement helps to improve the quality of life of the child. If the treatment is started at an earlier stage, improvement can be better and it benefits more in development of skills. Contrary to the earlier belief that neurons do not rejuvenate or repair, new concepts of neuroplasticity confirms that through axonal sprouting, CNS have the ability to repair the neurons and take over the function of the damaged neurons. The improvement noted in children after a course of Ayurvedic treatments also supports this treatment mode.

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