Ayur Janani - Mother and Baby Care

PREGNANCY is an exiting and very important phase in a woman’s life. It imposes physical and mental demands on the mother. Every parent wish for a stress free pregnancy, easy delivery and the available best care for their new born.

Ayurveda has a well developed and documented branch dealing in pregnancy care, childbirth and post natal care.
Ayur Namas offers the AYUR JANANI PROGRAMME, a mother and baby care plan to bring to you the benefits of the traditional wisdom of AYURVEDA also along with the best modern pregnancy and delivery care.

AYUR JANANI Pregnancy care focus on wholesome diet, lifestyle advices, exercises, mental relaxation techniques along with the routine consultation of your Gynaecologist to make the journey to motherhood easier.
Our services include

  • Pregnancy massages to relax and strengthen the joints and ligaments to bear the extra weight gain, improve blood circulation and reduce stretch marks. Our holistic approach with ayurveda diet and balanced nutrition advices helps in taking out the stress of pregnancy amidst house hold and professional duties, imparting sound sleep and mental peace.
  • Month wise dietary and therapeutic regimen advices. Simple herbal home remedies to manage the discomforts that you face.
  • Face and hair care to manage hormone related pigmentation and hair fall.
  • Yoga and meditation classes to improve oxygen supply, relieve stress and tension and ensure good sleep and relaxation.
  • Guidance of female medical practitioners.
  • All treatments are determined after doctor’s consultation.
  • AYUR JANANI POST - DELIVERY CARE aims at a holistic rejuvenation of the Mother’s health. Ayurveda advices a special dietary and lifestyle regimen during the first 45 days after childbirth. It includes Ayurvedic delivery care medicines prepared in our pharmacy, post natal massages, herbal paste application for body and face, medicated water bath with vethoushadam , Yoga and a lot more to mention.
Our baby kit consist of a tailom and herbal bath mix for baby care.


  • Removes the physical trauma of labour.
  • Restore the shape and tone of the stomach muscles.
  • Hormone regulation promoting breast milk secretion.
  • Rejuvenates And Relaxes Mother.
  • Prevents post natal depression.
  • Relieves Tension And Depression.
  • Removes Stretch Marks.
  • Treatments For Preventing Hairfall and skin pigmentation.
  • Keeps Figure And Vigor Of Mother.
  • Removes Postnatal Back And Join Pain.
  • Prevents Wear And Tear Of Bones.

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