Wellness Packages
Ayurnamas @nihara


Undergo a comprehensive Ayurvedic transformation. Our package includes a personal consultation to analyze your body and prakriti, customized treatments, diet plans, and yoga/meditation for a balanced and healthy mind and body.


Our destress package promotes inner and outer balance. It enhances emotional equilibrium by eliminating energy-draining cellular toxins and cultivating positivity. Our therapies provide a calm, refreshed mind, emotional stability, and clear vision.


Our complete body detox program corrects metabolic disturbances, enhances digestion and nutrient absorption, promotes healthy tissue nutrition, unblocks circulation channels, reduces inflammation, flushes out cellular toxins, and addresses health issues and emotional imbalances


This is a harmonious blend of a 75-minute treatment with slow, smoothening moves using herbal oils that help drain the metabolic toxins out of your system and help you attain a sense of well-being.


A relaxing 60 mts massage of head, face ,body, back and legs to relieve from tiredness, muscular aches and swelling of legs after a long flight. It helps in restoring proper fluid drainage that have accumulated in distal body parts, work on lymphatic drainage, energize and revive your body after landing.


A deeply relaxing gentle body strokes of 60 mts with aromatic oils that calms and soothens you mentally and physically.


A revitalizing and rejuvenating face treatment for 60mts with focus on cleansing, moisturising and nourishing your face with herbal creams and face packs along with relaxing strokes on your facial muscles. Highly relaxing and glow enhancer.


An Ayurveda oil massage of 60 mts with herbal oils that suites your skin type, releases tense muscle knots, improve blood circulation and relieves stress.


Our classical traditional Ayurveda therapies by trained professionals gives you the benefits of a healing touch by addressing your individual concerns.


Traditional full body oil massage with warm medicated oil in long strokes that improves circulation, relieves fatigue and body aches and pains and relaxes you in a duration of 60 mts. This can be followed by a steam bath.


Traditional Ayurveda oil massage for 60mts administered by two people in synchronized rhythmic movements followed by a herbal steam bath.


Special massage for 30 mts of lower legs and feet with medicated oils focusing on reflex points on the feet to relax, detoxify and energize you.


Head and shoulder massage for 30 mts that help improve blood circulation, balance the sense organs, calm and soothen you.


This time tested Ayurveda therapies focus on healing the body and mind, rejuvenate and revitalize you.


Smooth linen pouches filled with medicinal herbs made warm in oils is applied over the joints and muscles to reduce pain and swelling and induce sweating of the body parts. This fomentation therapy help relieve pain and expel toxins and strengthen joints and tones up muscles.


A signature treatment in Ayurveda in which warm medicated oil is gently poured over the forehead in a rhythmic oscillatory stream for 60 mts. This helps to ease mental stress and tensions, headaches, migraines, lack of proper sleep, help strengthen hair. Medicated oil chosen as per individual concerns address special needs and help attain total relaxation.


A procedure of scrubbing the body for 60 mts with dry herbal powders to breakdown subcutaneous fat deposits, break down cellulites, helps in lymphatic drainage, open blocked channels of circulation and get rid of metabolic toxins.

Instant delights

The Ayur namas spa offers you a world of pampering delight. We offer curative and wellness therapies with a personalized touch that takes you to a sensual bliss.

Traditional Ayurveda along with Asian and other Indian therapies heals you from within and rejuvenate you to a new person.

Ayur namas signature therapies are well designed to relax and rejuvenate you. Our unique therapies are well structured to offer you the best in a short time.

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